CUDA 5: Enabling Dynamic Parallelism

Dynamic Parallelism

Randall Rauwendaal


March 23, 2013

I finally got a GPU capable of dynamic parallelism, so I finally decided to mess around with CUDA 5.  But I discovered a couple of configuration options that are required if you want to enable dynamic parallelism.  You'll know you haven't configured things correctly if you attempt to call a kernel from the device and you get the following error message:

ptxas : fatal error : Unresolved extern function 'cudaGetParameterBuffer'

Note: this assume you have already selected the appropriate CUDA 5 build customizations for your project

Open the project project properties 1. Make sure to set "Generate Relocatable Device Code" to "Yes (-rdc=true)"yes 2. Set "code generation" to "compute_35,sm_3″compute 3. Finally add "cudadevrt.lib" to the CUDA Linker's "Additional Dependencies"cudadevrt


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