Layered Reflective Shadow Maps for Voxel-based Indirect Illumination

Authors: Masamichi Sugihara
Advanced Rendering Technology, Intel
Randall Rauwendaal
Advanced Technology Group, Intel
Marco Salvi
Advanced Rendering Technology, Intel
Conference High-Performance Graphics 2014


We introduce a novel voxel-based algorithm that interactively simulates both diffuse and glossy single-bounce indirect illumination. Our algorithm generates high quality images similar to the reference solution while using only a fraction of the memory of previous methods. The key idea in our work is to decouple occlusion data, stored in voxels, from lighting and geometric data, encoded in a new per-light data structure called layered reflective shadow maps (LRSMs). We use voxel cone tracing for visibility determination and integrate outgoing radiance by performing lookups in a pre-filtered LRSM. Finally we demonstrate that our simple data structures are easy to implement and can be rebuilt every frame to support both dynamic lights and scenes.



Intel Developer Zone page


M. Sugihara, R. Rauwendaal, and M. Salvi, Layered Reflective Shadow Maps for Voxel-based Indirect Illumination, In Proceedings of High-Performance Graphics (2014).


  author  = {Masamichi Sugihara and Randall Rauwendaal and Marco Salvi},
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